Due to constant spam the last couple of weeks i have decided to disable comments until further notice.
Released version 4.0.9 of the RSU Client.
Basically done some bugfixes and added a language selection for the gameclient in the settings editor incase Jagex messes up the one in the client again in the future :)
Version 4.0.1 is here!
This version(with 4.0.0) includes a ton of changes!

For simplicity i will just stuff the changelog here

  • Rewrote the client into an API/Framework
  • New Wx based download dialog
  • Official support for addons! (still needs a gui for users to add addons to the updater)
  • Removed dependency for grep, wget and curl (wget and curl are used as fallbacks only)
  • Improved the speed on deleting the maincache on windows
  • Changed internal file structure to be more organized
  • Legacy scripts for launching parts of the client (ex: rsu-settings)  are provided in this version until version 4.0.2 or 4.0.5
  • Download progress dialog for windows and mac
  • Client launcher now uses the runescape news rssfeed so dependency for libwebkitgtk1 is removed
  • Launcher works on Wx2.8 now
  • If wxperl is installed, the launcher will start if rsu-query is called without any parameters. If wxperl is not installed, it will start runescape.
  • Removed dependency for p7zip/7zip on mac and windows (using native tools instead)
  • Improved the look of the updater.
  • Fixed memory leak in the client launcher.
  • Let addons with info.conf at their root add themself to the updater!
  • Add support for using the download gui with wget and curl
  • Add support for running the launcher on older versions of perl (proper support for ubuntu10.04+)
  • Running for the first time will now automatically download the jagexappletviewer.jar instead of asking you to update.
  • Made launcher fetch news and do other time consuming operations in new threads.
  • Support for Old School RuneScape

You can get the new version from the PPA, AUR or Universal Archive

Hey all!
Yesterday i released version 3.9.7 of the RSU Client.
This version contains some bugfixes and support for the new optional RSU Launcher.
However only the github and PPA repository is updated atm.

I will update the tar.gz archive within the next few days!

Also the rsu-launcher uses wxwidgets2.9, so for now it will have to be packaged as an executable zip file to work on systems without wxwidgets2.9 and wxperl configured to use wxwidgets2.9 until it does this by default.
Therefore you can find the rsu-launcher in my rsu-launcher repository on github.

Just posting this to wish you all a happy new year.
Stuff I hope i will be able to do this year is...

1. Visit the US for the first time.
2. Spend more time with my special someone <3
3. Try my hand on making some machinema videos :P
4. Program stuff!
5. Get stuff done (projects and stuff) :P
Version 3.9.6 of the RSU-Client is now released and available in the LaunchPad PPA and from dropbox.
This new version contains Nvidia Optimus support through the use of bumblebee and primusrun.

As a last note, the LaunchPad PPA packages are now automatically built from the git repository, this means that the packages are updated automatically and should be available within 1 day after a release.
Thanks to the RuneScape player Tzbob for telling me that primusrun lets RuneScape use the Nvidia GPU on Nvidia Optimus Linux PCs with working OpenGL.
After he mentioned this to me I started working with the rsu_primusrun.pm module which will make the runescape script automatically use "primusrun" if it is available on the system (if you told the script to use primusrun).

A full release is planned on Monday the 17th December, if you want to try it out beforehand you can find the beta here:

Tests done by Tzbob shows that the Nvidia Optimus card gives better performance in runescape on Linux than on Windows!

If you need more info about primusrun then please read this article on Webupd8.org
The beta of the RSU-Client is now available at GitHub!
Please test it and give feedback about the addons functionality in the Community - Linux thread on the RuneScape Forums.

Thought i would mention that Fallen Unia have forked the RSU-Client.
The fork is basically a "lite" version of the RSU-Client.
But it is still a fork even though it is changed to fit his own needs!

This shows one of the things you can do with the new modular approach of the client :)

Take a look at his repository at

Keep in mind that his fork have several functions removed (like wine support, settings editor and PulseAudio) to fit his setup.

Also if you have not checked it yet, you can find the LATEST sourcecode for the RSU-Client at
Yes the RSU-Client passed over 22k downloads the last 3 months!
Ofcourse the client have been downloaded more than that but i now only have access to the download stats for the last 3 months.

I am not sure how reliable the download stats are but it is still worth mentioning :)

So thanks all for supporting the project!

PS: forgot to mention this is from the manual install only, i do not have any stats from the ones through repositories and/or github.