Hi i just mirrored MSLB on uploadmirrors.com until sourceforge fixes their file servers...
Me personaly is pretty pissed right now because of this because this happened 3 mins before i released mslb 2.3
meaning its uploaded but not hosted!

i got just 1 question for sourceforge team

MSLB 2.3 released!


Hi the mslb version 2.3 fixes the memory leak in the logviewer when changing months. This release has also replaced 2.2 binary download on sourceforge to help those that link to version 2.2.
I do not want people to end up downloading version 2.2 when it had such a critical bug.

see ya later :)
At work today i noticed that MSLB 2.2 got a critical bug in the new foreEnglish setting.
It caused a crash in the logviewer when changing the month, the crash is random but VERY frequent! I have a fix ready but i cant compile anything before tomorrow because i do not want to send out unsigned files.

I will release the fix as version 2.3 but also overwrite the 2.2 with 2.3 so most mirrors get updated too.
Just recieved the email today this morning

Software Downloads
Dear Sir/Madam

Softoxi.com lab testing team would like to inform you that your product ComputerNameChange has been listed and awarded by our editors:After carefully testing your product, Softoxi.com Editor Team decided to award your product with the Top Software Awards:

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ComputerNameChange Installation Video Tutorial

Moreover, Softoxi.com has tested your software, ComputerNameChange on 22 01 2011 with 2 of the best antivirus engines available today. We have found it to be clean of any form of malware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.) - the full reports are available here:

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Softoxi.com Editor Team would also like to congratulate you for the high quality standards achieved by your software. We're glad to be able to promote and support such high-quality products in any way we can.

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"ComputerNameChange - simple little freeware tool that lets you easily change the computer name."

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Rainer - Softoxi.com Editor
I am glad to recieve the awards on my projects.This award was on 5/5 stars! and is added to the awards page :)
Ever wanted to do more with MSLB? Sync with other PCs or add encryption?
Well here is a simple howto.

How to sync MSLB logs with other PCs:
First you need a syncing tool that uses a folder on your pc(example: DropBox)
Install it and make an account, then open settings.conf(Located in same folder as MSLB or under /opt/mslb/)
Find they key "rootdir="
and change it to "rootdir=$HOME/Dropbox".
Save settings.conf and you are done.
This method is very good if you dont want to use an usb portable method
For a portable method over a Sync service just change "rootdir=" to "rootdir=portable" and then move the program to the sync folder
How to store MSLB logs in an encrypted container or USB:
For this howto i will use TrueCrypt.Download and install Truecrypt and then launch it.Make an encrypted container(a file to contain MSLB and the logs) or Make an encrypted partition/USB(WARNING: DELETES ALL CURRENT CONTENT ON THE USB!), I recommend a container since then you can bring a portable truecrypt version on the usb with you.Once youre finished making the encrypted volume you browse to it and tell Truecrypt to mount it (it will ask for the password you created during the making of the encrypted volume) and move MSLB over to the mounted "disk".Open then settings.conf and change the value of "rootdir=" to "rootdir=portable" then save.-----------------------------------------------------------------This is just 2 clever ways to use MSLB ;)If anyone else have any clever ways to use MSLB, please write it in comments (email is not required to enter)
MSLB version 2.2 have just been uploaded to sourceforge.net
this includes the sourcecode, windows version, mac version and the universal linux version.

the systemwide universal linux install have been fixed too.
i had forgotten to add icon and exec paths to the desktop file on the systemwide install but that works now
Hey the version 2.2 of MSLB is now available on launchpad.net for linux users only.
Mac and Windows users have to wait until later for it to be available on sourceforge.

Version 2.2 adds the option "forceEnglish=true/false" to the settings.conf
the default is "forceEnglish=true"
this will make MSLB write the logs foldersystem in english.
if you edit settings.conf and set "forceEnglish=false"
it will use the native language of your system when writing the log folders
(not recommended for dropbox sync and usb portability!)
Hey i was thinking what my next project should be so i looked through some of my old USB pens and found my VERY FIRST program!.
Its a VB6 based computer name changer for windows.

I am going to release this "ancient" program and then later recode it in autoit.
There is however 1 mayor flaw in this program.
Windows has a length limit on the computername, i did not know this when it was made so the program does not check the length of the name you give it.

Once i have moved the source to autoit i will be able to work with this on my Linux pc 
I have listened on your votes in the poll and the option in settings.conf to
forceEnglish to the folder system is ready

2 new functions in the source is added
settingsloc and getMonthLang