My virtual machine with freebsd got a corrupted virtual harddrive so i need to reinstall freebsd+qt+xfce.

Well ye the heck with it let everyone enjoy the new version!
I am currently compiling and uploading for ALL operating systems.

I am also releasing the ANDROID version(which is merged with the desktop sourcecode), but remember QT for android is in ALPHA stage so its not stable.
Right now the android version of mslb is just a proof of concept and only recommended for use by developers or those who needed it on the phone.

The android version relies on the ministro application which is QT for android(downloads 9mb of shared libraries that all apps can use).
Again keep in mind that this is in ALPHA meaning bugs and unstability IS TO BE EXPECTED!
Just uploaded mslb version 2.4 on launchpad.
This means that users with ubuntu based systems can test out v2.4 before everyone else once its built on the launchpad servers!
Which i hope go well even tho the source structure is changed :)

EDIT 28.02.11 - 21.04 GMT+1:
Both i386 and amd64 builds have been generated successfully on launchpad!
Those interested in trying the new version can update now.
I am working on MSLB version 2.4 and it will have 1 new function and 1 improved function.
It will also have the android project merged in the source.

The new function is a "popup" calendar in the search tab
You open this calendar by clicking the down arrow at the date edit

The improved function is refresh presets, the button is removed and presets are refreshed once you click save in the editor :)

The desktop interface is now also smaller as default for use on 640x480 resolution screens.

For the developers i have finaly created a source structure for the sourcecode
src/ contains the cpp files
include/ contains the headers
interface/ contains the ui sources
debian/ contains the source for the .deb package generation
android/ contains android spesific build files
resources/ contains the resource files like icons

Version 2.4 is planned to launch at the end of this week
I make My Simple LogBook for android!
Right after the alpha release of QT for android(Necessitas) i started playing with it.
And i tell you, UI design for mobile can be hard.

The android version of MSLB is in alpha stage which means its sourcecode is separate from the desktop source until QT for android comes into beta or most annoying bugs like no trackball/pad support and cut+paste support gets fixed.
Other than that its still pretty stable but sometimes you need to touch the screen to make it refresh(example: opening logview or edit presets)

MSLB for android wont be released yet tho until im done testing it but here are 2 preview screenshots

Screen formats supported are HVGA and WVGAXXX
This means that the small android phones with small screens(example: Xperia X10 mini) wont be able to load the gui and you will end up with unreachable objects
Added Live music streaming to the page from TheVoice NORWAY
If they want me to remove it then just tell me and i will :)
uu-installer the Universal UNIX-Installer is now available for download!
Check it out on the projects menu.

uu-installer is aimed to make it easier to redistribute binary packages to unix platforms, however it has a drawback!

* It can not be used to distribute applications from one architecture to another (32bit applications installed on 64bit system)
* It can not be used to package an application on 1 platform and then be installed on a different platform
Out of curiosity i tried out FreeBSD and I noticed that QT was a part of the
repositories there. 
So i figured, heck as long i dont need to compile the framework(solaris nightmare!) i can make it for this platform too and it works great!.

PS: BSD could also run the linux version as long the linux emulation was enabled in the kernel

The BSD version also includes an updated installer which i made.
Its name is uu-installer and stands for Universal Unix-Installer.
It makes it easy to package the binary files and the dependencies.

You make the folder system
Installer will install to / or $HOME/.local/
The script called "" will take 1 argument which is the binary filename located at "files/usr/bin/", the script will then find all libs needed for the file to run and place them in the libs folder.
When the user runs the installer, only the lib files he/she is missing will be installed.

uu-installer will become its own project very soon
the BSD version of MSLB is now available on sourceforge and google code
Yes i found an old backup of my hacked QT framework for Solaris x86(sorry i don't have any SPARC hardware) so i made some changes in the custompath.h in the source(this wont affect the current 2.3 in any way) so it could be compiled on the solaris platform.

Solaris and OpenSolaris version of MSLB is now compiled in version 2.3 and is available on both sourceforge and google code.
The source archive have also been updated with the change in custompath.h

here are some screenshots

PS: I am now making 5 backups of the precompiled framework and i will also make a public download for it as it is a static compile of it.
Yes! yesterday this patch passed its 64.500 download mark!
This patch has a monthly download rate of like 1500 downloads
And in march 2009 the patch were downloaded a whooping 4.881 times!

This patch is used both on private server clients and on the official clients,
So its good to see it be this popular :D