After almost 3 years its time for an update on this dusty patch.
Thanks to John from ZhyperMU for some of the new effects removed from effect folder :)

New stuff in the patch is
* removal of +15 glow
* removal of rain, leaves, smoke, fog in all maps
* removal of most effects from the dark lords bird skill!
* lots of more

direct link to version9 is here
Weebly recently added the support to like and tweet blog posts.
Even tho im a facebook hater i enabled this anyway.
Finally this hell is finished and all mslb files are intact and untouched
2.3 and 2.2(installs 2.3) are uploaded so mirrors can... well mirror them :P
I might keep my google code page just incase tho
YES! They are so slow in fact that i even host the project on google code now
Their issue tracker is better but i lack alot of stuff like analyze of how many times it have been downloaded, on which OS its used and from which countries it have been downloaded...

This google code page will be available until sourceforge is back on its feet