hey i forgot to post the links to the precompiled i386/i586 version of QT that i made as a static library for Solaris/OpenSolaris.

here are the links

download both files and extract them to $HOME.install these packages


now to use the framework(compiling only!!!)open a terminal in your project folder (the one containing .pro file)
execute the below commands(replace $HOME/qt-static with the location of the extracted folder):

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/qt-static/bin
qmake projectfile.pro
Hey i have just added an image slideshow on the My Simple LogBook project page that shows MSLB running on all supported platforms.
This includes
  • BSD
  • Linux(Kernel 2.6.24-26 and above)
  • MacOSX(10.4+)
  • WindowsXP(And Above)
  • Solaris/OpenSolaris
  • Android (MSLB in ALPHA!)

The slideshow also shows a successful installation of MSLB on GhostBSD(which lacks 2 library files to get mslb running)

Yes the PPA is finaly available and working for ubuntu karmic(9.10) and above, and i will keep it this way.

Later the PPA will give users of LPIA(arm) architecture the ability to install My Simple LogBook too. :)
Finaly done with the qt environment on bsd and i uploaded version 2.4 of mslb on google code and sourceforge. :)