For version 2.6 of My Simple LogBook i am planning to
  1. Make advanced search support with regular expressions (will not be default)
  2. Make a graphical editor to the settings.conf
  3. Rename presets.conf button to Options or Settings
  4. Put settings editor inside the window with the presets.conf editor
  5. Change the drawers on the mac version into normal windows

For those that dont know what regular expressions are, here is a small briefing on what it is.

Regular expressions can help you search for text in an advanced way.
Lets say i have 3 logs and i want to find all logs that contain the words "email" or "stuff"
i then tell MSLB to search for (email|stuff)
the () tells i want to search for those words only

lets then say i have 30 logs and want to find those i have written mac addresses inside, we know how mac addresses are buildt up, but we dont know the numbers so we will do an advanced regular expression like this

we will tell mslb to search for \d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}
this will give us all logs that contains mac addresses in the format XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

i am looking forward to add this feature
Well i just finished uploading the new version on sourceforge and google code.
The new version includes the style option in the settings.conf to make it easier to make custom styles or use the built in ones.

The android version is now in BETA and i have handcrafted a custom android style for it.
Android Logs folder is located in /sdcard/mslb/
the settings.conf must be placed at that location on the android phone if you want to change any settings

current styles available are:
  • windows
  • cleanlooks
  • plastique
  • cde
  • motif
  • default
  • android

NOTE: windows style is the windows 98/2000 style, default is the program default and android is the android style
NOTE2: you can also point the style option to a .css file to make your own style
I am working on My Simple LogBook 2.5
this version will have focus on the android version to make it "catch up" to the pc versions even tho they are using the exact same code.

Currently the android version does not support configurations and it also uses plastique as the default interface style which is ugly on android and it also drains battery, so i am working on a special android interface style for mslb plus some tweaks to make it better on android.

I am also going to introduce a style setting in the settings.conf file so you can use predefined styles(windows, cleanlooks, plastique, cde, motif and android) or custom ones from css files.
The android style is made from scratch and is not something inside the QT framework, all platforms should be able to use the android style without any hassle :)

here are  some before and after images of the android version

before(plastique style):

after(android style):