uu-installer v2.0 is now released and the bsd version of mslb is currently using it for installation of itself :)

uu-installer v2.0 lets you make a library archive for all binary files in the files folders and it is much more customizable.

mslb v2.6 includes a settings window now and the search logs supports regular expressions :)

check the project pages for download links
Hi i have just improved uu-installer and it's now version 2.0
the improvements are:
  • More flexible install posibilities
  • Add more than 1 binary executable
  • Add more than 1 desktop file
  • build-lib-archive.pl will now take no parameters and will gather ALL libraries for ALL binary files
  • install.pl now generates an uninstaller! :)

i will release the new version of uu-installer along with mslb2.6