Since mac have gotten their own official runescape client while linux and other unix users still need to download the windows client and extract it and use a command in the shell to launch it using java, i figured out. HECK why dont i just make a client that works on all unix platforms that support java.

Big thanks to Ethoxyethaan on the official runescape forums for the first script shell script that my perl script is based on :)

The result is the Runescape client for Linux and Unix.
Supported operating systems:
NOTE: the client can be run without installation on all of the systems listed(and not listed that falls under the unix group)
  • Linux (installation can integrate a menu entry under games in desktop environments like gnome2, gnomeshell, unity, lxde, xfce, kde3 and kde4)
  • Sun/Oracle Solaris (installation supported with menu entry on the Java Desktop Environment only)
  • OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana (see linux)
  • FreeBSD (see linux)
  • MacOSX (installation supported without menu entry)

head over to the Runescape Client for Linux and Unix section for more info
Fixes and improvements:
  • Improved the interface on the android version
  • Fixed the font error when running mslb on android4.0
  • Improved the font on Solaris and OpenSolaris version
  • Compiled the mac version as universal binary (i386+ppc)
The new versions are available now at and

NOTE: google code does not have the mac version uploaded at time of writing due to upload problems i have
Been messing around with the android portion of the mslb code and i am currently testing the package.
The fix will tell the application to use the "Roboto" font if it is available on the phone/tablet. If it is not available it will use the stock DroidSans font.

If all goes well tomorrow i will upload the new package and source (v2.7).
Good thing i use this application at work to write my logs when i am not at my pc :)

PS: i will only support the stock and roboto fonts for android, if you are using a custom font(from "font installer" for example) i will not support that.
Just tested MSLB on Android4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich. The font is shown as []s due to google replacing the font in Android 4.0 with their own Roboto font.
Just wanted you all to know i am aware of the problem :)
Sorry i havent posted anything in months but i have been busy and working on MUOnline maps. :P
Here are some images.