by request i updated the client with the newest files from jagex.
i have also made a small updater for fetching the newer windows clients and patch the Unix client with the newer jagexappletviewer.jar.

So if you ever end up with a black message box when starting the client then try
to run the updater to see if its a new version available.

The new client is available from the same link as always

Here are some screenshots of the updater in action :)
repkam09 suggested making an option for a custom install location.

I got the install to work but it refuses to write to the uninstall script to remove the symlinks in the bin folder it creates.

It does write it in the local and systemwide install just not the custom one XD

Once the update is done it will be used in all my projects that uses the uu-installer for installs like mslb and the runescape unix client.
Got an email on the 2nd november about Softoxi.com updating the review on My Simple LogBook, however the email appeared in spam for some reason o.O

Anyway i am mentioning them here because they are one of the few sites reviewing MSLB, tests it, write a review by hand and emails me about the review.

 I just finished reading their review and i like the fact they dont copy and paste what i have written about the program and instead use their own words to describe it along with a video showing some of its key functions.
I am expressing my thanks to them for such a great review, this is their short describtion of MSLB v2.7

Softoxi.com editor team:
"Are you looking for a convenient way to write work logs or to keep diaries? My Simple LogBook is a great application designed just for that. This simple and intuitive piece of software will prove to be the quick and easy solution that you desired."

Check out their review at: http://www.softoxi.com/my-simple-logbook.html
PS: they gave MSLB a rating of 5 out of 5 stars! :D