Thought i would mention that Fallen Unia have forked the RSU-Client.
The fork is basically a "lite" version of the RSU-Client.
But it is still a fork even though it is changed to fit his own needs!

This shows one of the things you can do with the new modular approach of the client :)

Take a look at his repository at

Keep in mind that his fork have several functions removed (like wine support, settings editor and PulseAudio) to fit his setup.

Also if you have not checked it yet, you can find the LATEST sourcecode for the RSU-Client at
Yes the RSU-Client passed over 22k downloads the last 3 months!
Ofcourse the client have been downloaded more than that but i now only have access to the download stats for the last 3 months.

I am not sure how reliable the download stats are but it is still worth mentioning :)

So thanks all for supporting the project!

PS: forgot to mention this is from the manual install only, i do not have any stats from the ones through repositories and/or github.
With the release of Evolution of Combat, the rsu-client have been updated to version 3.9.4.

This version contains a fix for Windows so that the client will run on Windows again.

Also this version will run RuneScape in Java6 over Java7 on Mac OSX, this fixes the autosetup issue and OpenGL issue on Mac OSX as Java7 for Mac does not have a fully working jawt implementation, which is the library used to access OpenGL.

Also all files related to the Evolution of Combat will be removed in this version and the client will remove the runescap-beta.desktop file and template along with runescape-beta.prm

I hope you all will enjoy the Evolution of Combat along with the fixes mentioned above.