Sorry i havent posted anything in months but i have been busy and working on MUOnline maps. :P
Here are some images.
Yes! yesterday this patch passed its 64.500 download mark!
This patch has a monthly download rate of like 1500 downloads
And in march 2009 the patch were downloaded a whooping 4.881 times!

This patch is used both on private server clients and on the official clients,
So its good to see it be this popular :D
After almost 3 years its time for an update on this dusty patch.
Thanks to John from ZhyperMU for some of the new effects removed from effect folder :)

New stuff in the patch is
* removal of +15 glow
* removal of rain, leaves, smoke, fog in all maps
* removal of most effects from the dark lords bird skill!
* lots of more

direct link to version9 is here