Last night i uploaded the finished packages of My Simple LogBook v2.8.

Changes are:
  • Project ported to perl
  • GUI Toolkit changed to WxWidgets
  • New presets syntax (\n instead of %n)
  • Presets are shown as one line in the list
  • Official support for BSD and Solaris dropped (the newer versions still work in wine, or you can try install the Wx module from cpan manually and use the linux version)
  • Support for PowerPC Macs dropped
  • Styles support dropped
  • Proper Regex search support (and faster too)

Download is available only from for the moment.
Since porting takes time, i decided to give a little sneakpeak on how far the porting have come.

I will tell right away that there is an issue with wxcocoa/wxwidgets2.9 and the calendar in the logviewer on mac, so by default the application will use wxWidgets2.8.12 on mac which uses the Carbon GUI until wxcocoa works with the calendar widget.
You can however force the logbook to use the wxcocoa by editing the logbook-mac, logviewer-mac and settings-mac files and comment out

my $wxversion = "mac_2_8_12";
and then uncomment
my $wxversion = "osx_cocoa_2_9_3";

Enjoy the sneakpeek screenshots below!

NOTE: the carbon gui and cocoa gui requires their own separate modules, you can have both installed at once though! But giving you all a heads up because the carbon and cocoa modules are 50mb - 100mb (depending if i decide to strip the modules for uneccesary files or not which can be tedious)

PS: Due to the requirement of perl mslb will be changed from "small" to "fast". QT is nice and all and i would really prefer to use that but its perl support is lacking (perlQT4 is not documented very well) and C++ is just a pain

It is late but i have now compiled the My Simple Logbook for use on android4.0 and above, this same version works on previous versions too!

The new version comes with compability with the new preset.conf in the upcoming version 2.8 on desktop, however the android version might not get the new features from 2.8

Version 2.7.4 uses Ministro II which is the new version of the QT libraries on android, so please uninstall the old version of Ministro to free up some space!

PS: I have not compiled this version for desktop systems because i am focusing on getting v2.8 ready, you can however compile v2.7.4 yourself without any issues :)
Hi all, I know that I have not been active with this project.
Mostly because c++ itself is a very time consuming language.

This will now change, i am porting it to perl using WxWidgets instead of QT.
This will give me an easier code to work with and a lot of functionality with perls modules!

However the change does have some drawbacks!
  • BSD and Solaris will not be officially supported anymore (but i will keep wine support so it can be used there)
  • Android version will not be developed mainstream (because it is still c++ until wxAndroid is complete and HOPEFULLY works with perl)
  • Support for richtext might never come (if it did come it would probbably break the search function)
  • Styles will not work anymore
  • Settings.conf is replaced with (and thanks to perls module system the settings will define themself inside the file)

The image above is a preview of the current build of the logbook that we use at work right now.

Got an email on the 2nd november about updating the review on My Simple LogBook, however the email appeared in spam for some reason o.O

Anyway i am mentioning them here because they are one of the few sites reviewing MSLB, tests it, write a review by hand and emails me about the review.

 I just finished reading their review and i like the fact they dont copy and paste what i have written about the program and instead use their own words to describe it along with a video showing some of its key functions.
I am expressing my thanks to them for such a great review, this is their short describtion of MSLB v2.7 editor team:
"Are you looking for a convenient way to write work logs or to keep diaries? My Simple LogBook is a great application designed just for that. This simple and intuitive piece of software will prove to be the quick and easy solution that you desired."

Check out their review at:
PS: they gave MSLB a rating of 5 out of 5 stars! :D
Fixes and improvements:
  • Improved the interface on the android version
  • Fixed the font error when running mslb on android4.0
  • Improved the font on Solaris and OpenSolaris version
  • Compiled the mac version as universal binary (i386+ppc)
The new versions are available now at and

NOTE: google code does not have the mac version uploaded at time of writing due to upload problems i have
Been messing around with the android portion of the mslb code and i am currently testing the package.
The fix will tell the application to use the "Roboto" font if it is available on the phone/tablet. If it is not available it will use the stock DroidSans font.

If all goes well tomorrow i will upload the new package and source (v2.7).
Good thing i use this application at work to write my logs when i am not at my pc :)

PS: i will only support the stock and roboto fonts for android, if you are using a custom font(from "font installer" for example) i will not support that.
Just tested MSLB on Android4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich. The font is shown as []s due to google replacing the font in Android 4.0 with their own Roboto font.
Just wanted you all to know i am aware of the problem :)
Just reuploaded all the mslb 2.6 releases for solaris, linux and bsd so they use the uu-installer version 2.1.
This will make the installer work on all the platforms again :)
In a few minutes i will also release uu-installer 2.1 and the QT4Solaris links
uu-installer v2.0 is now released and the bsd version of mslb is currently using it for installation of itself :)

uu-installer v2.0 lets you make a library archive for all binary files in the files folders and it is much more customizable.

mslb v2.6 includes a settings window now and the search logs supports regular expressions :)

check the project pages for download links