Yesterday the Web Based Logbook project got a new owner and lead developer.
My friend Donald from the ZhyperNetwork is now in charge of the development and have decided to keep the WBL project exclusive to ZhyperNetwork.

That may change in the future...
The latest source have been sent out to all users of WBL before the ownership change, it is up to those users if they want to continue with the opensource project or not.

ZhyperNetwork have been the only sponsor for the WBL project and have supplied me with test servers throughout the development for testing, lets with them good luck with the continual development of the project! :)



WBL is now released and ready for purchases to support opensource!
Go to for more info
Isn't that great!
I get home and login to update the WBL demo to version 2.1 and boom i get this on the server.

Your server node is undergoing maintenance for the next 5 - 7 days. 

Sorry the the inconvenience.

- Last updated Thursday 13 Jan.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now that just pisses me off on a good day >_<
I might end up releasing it today. 
Im just making most of it seamless right now and easy to configure.

WBL Demo now live!


Im proud to present you all with the live demo of WBL.
The demo will have these limitations:
  • No accesskey needed to use it (anyone can use it)
  • Admin panel access only available for potensial buyers (sorry)

For those that are interested in this project please email me at
Hey im soon to release WBL which is a web based logbook for use on servers.
Target audience are private server hosters and companies that just want something light and simple.

I am still trying to figure a price for it but something between $30 and $50.
This is a one time fee per network of hosts. They will get the source and be able to modify it but all changes has to be shared back to me so they get added to the main product and to help the opensource community.

The money i make for this will not be for personal use.
All money i make from this project will be used for these purposes:
  • Support other opensource projects (example: 7zip, italc, etc)
  • To hire external developers if they are interested(must have some people buying first tho)
  • Donate money to chairity