At 10.00pm today my grandmother passed away at the hospital.
I have just come home from visiting her at the hospital making my final goodbye before the funeral.

Her heart could not take it anymore as she suffered from COPD which you get from smoking too much for too long.
My grandmother have battled COPD for at least 7 years maybe longer.
The last months she have been in and out of the hospital, this last time she have been there since 17th may.

The last time i visited her when she was alive i could see she struggled to breathe and used the whole body in order to do so, her whole body also shake when she did breathe.
Seeing her lay in bed not moving made me think, at least she is not suffering anymore. Because she have been suffering ever since she had to be put on the hospital, and she have gone from better to worse, to better and back to worse again.
The last thing she did before going to bed last night was to ask where my mother was and if she had come home safely (even though my mom did not visit that day but the day before that), knowing that my grandmother asked for my mom broke both me and my mom into tears because we have been there for her all the time she have been at the hospital.

At least she is at peace now...

R.I.P Grandma 10.06.2012 10:00pm
I and the rest of the family will miss you...

23/06/2012 10:56

Sorry for your loss, HK.

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