dhcp-gen was my first perl project, along with my boss Trond Erik Dalhø.
He is the one that taught me Perl.
While i worked as a trainee at the school he is working, we decided that the way they have been editing the dhcpd.conf on the unix dhcp server was too time consuming, we then decided to write this script which would automatically generate static ip for all laptops and desktops on the network and then write out a csv report that shows the current ip and id of all the computers.

Then i improved the script by adding support to manually assign static ip to system devices with it (servers, printers, special computers, etc) and also translated it to English.
I have asked Trond if i could publish the script before, and i could as long it would be useful for someone else too. I just have not had time to publish it before now :P
Hope you people find it useful

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