Ever had a ton of computers to manage and reformat and give name each time?
Well not anymore! well.. at least for linux admins!!! :D
Presenting genhostname-eth and genhostname-wlan
these 2 scripts runs at boot level(install just 1 of them!) and then automaticly changes the computers name to PC-{MACADDRESS}

the script has an execution time of 0.09 seconds so you will hardly notice it!
Downloads available from Sourceforge and launchpad!
More info under Projects

18/01/2011 02:38

This thing works great on my linux lab of 50 pcs
i made an image with clonezilla and then pushed it to the other 49 pcs.
noticed that nothing happened the first 2 boots, after that it works flawlessly

Everyone that is going to use this i recommend rebooting the pc you take image of 2 times before making the image so the script gets "activated"

anyway great little script :)

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