Ever wanted to do more with MSLB? Sync with other PCs or add encryption?
Well here is a simple howto.

How to sync MSLB logs with other PCs:
First you need a syncing tool that uses a folder on your pc(example: DropBox)
Install it and make an account, then open settings.conf(Located in same folder as MSLB or under /opt/mslb/)
Find they key "rootdir="
and change it to "rootdir=$HOME/Dropbox".
Save settings.conf and you are done.
This method is very good if you dont want to use an usb portable method
For a portable method over a Sync service just change "rootdir=" to "rootdir=portable" and then move the program to the sync folder
How to store MSLB logs in an encrypted container or USB:
For this howto i will use TrueCrypt.Download and install Truecrypt and then launch it.Make an encrypted container(a file to contain MSLB and the logs) or Make an encrypted partition/USB(WARNING: DELETES ALL CURRENT CONTENT ON THE USB!), I recommend a container since then you can bring a portable truecrypt version on the usb with you.Once youre finished making the encrypted volume you browse to it and tell Truecrypt to mount it (it will ask for the password you created during the making of the encrypted volume) and move MSLB over to the mounted "disk".Open then settings.conf and change the value of "rootdir=" to "rootdir=portable" then save.-----------------------------------------------------------------This is just 2 clever ways to use MSLB ;)If anyone else have any clever ways to use MSLB, please write it in comments (email is not required to enter)


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