After almost 3 years its time for an update on this dusty patch.
Thanks to John from ZhyperMU for some of the new effects removed from effect folder :)

New stuff in the patch is
* removal of +15 glow
* removal of rain, leaves, smoke, fog in all maps
* removal of most effects from the dark lords bird skill!
* lots of more

direct link to version9 is here

20/04/2011 03:22

sir, can i ask what files do i need to replace if the only effect i want removed is the lag from DL's bird skill?

the smoke is partially removed when i use the files :
smoke01.ozj, smokelines01.ozj, smokelines02.ozj, smokelines03.ozj.

what's the other needed file so as to completely remove the smoke from dl's bird skill?

21/04/2013 03:07

is this work for other MUonine ?

21/04/2013 06:21

shouldnt be version specific as far as i know unless webzen changed how textures are handled

07/06/2013 12:23

i dont know how to do it ... i download mu and anti lag what do i do after?

16/06/2013 01:10

install it into the folder containing main.exe
it is clearly mentioned in the installer

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