Out of curiosity i tried out FreeBSD and I noticed that QT was a part of the
repositories there. 
So i figured, heck as long i dont need to compile the framework(solaris nightmare!) i can make it for this platform too and it works great!.

PS: BSD could also run the linux version as long the linux emulation was enabled in the kernel

The BSD version also includes an updated installer which i made.
Its name is uu-installer and stands for Universal Unix-Installer.
It makes it easy to package the binary files and the dependencies.

You make the folder system
Installer will install to / or $HOME/.local/
The script called "build-lib-archive.pl" will take 1 argument which is the binary filename located at "files/usr/bin/", the script will then find all libs needed for the file to run and place them in the libs folder.
When the user runs the installer, only the lib files he/she is missing will be installed.

uu-installer will become its own project very soon
the BSD version of MSLB is now available on sourceforge and google code

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