Last night i uploaded the finished packages of My Simple LogBook v2.8.

Changes are:
  • Project ported to perl
  • GUI Toolkit changed to WxWidgets
  • New presets syntax (\n instead of %n)
  • Presets are shown as one line in the list
  • Official support for BSD and Solaris dropped (the newer versions still work in wine, or you can try install the Wx module from cpan manually and use the linux version)
  • Support for PowerPC Macs dropped
  • Styles support dropped
  • Proper Regex search support (and faster too)

Download is available only from for the moment.

27/05/2013 06:05

hey mate, very good job with ur simple logbook but i have a small problem. Im greek and it appears the program doesnt support greek fonts. Any work around? ty in advance! :)

27/05/2013 06:50

not that i know about, i had a lot of issues making it work with the letters used in my own language (latin1 character set)
sorry :|

28/05/2013 05:37

no worries mate, ur program is helpful anyway! I ll just stick with latin1 then :)

17/07/2013 01:30

Coding is one of my hobbies and I always like visiting your site since you have plenty of technical information shared! This time also I am so happy to find information about your log book! This is much advanced with plenty of interesting features such as new preset syntax!

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