I make My Simple LogBook for android!
Right after the alpha release of QT for android(Necessitas) i started playing with it.
And i tell you, UI design for mobile can be hard.

The android version of MSLB is in alpha stage which means its sourcecode is separate from the desktop source until QT for android comes into beta or most annoying bugs like no trackball/pad support and cut+paste support gets fixed.
Other than that its still pretty stable but sometimes you need to touch the screen to make it refresh(example: opening logview or edit presets)

MSLB for android wont be released yet tho until im done testing it but here are 2 preview screenshots

Screen formats supported are HVGA and WVGAXXX
This means that the small android phones with small screens(example: Xperia X10 mini) wont be able to load the gui and you will end up with unreachable objects

26/02/2011 05:03

This looks cool!
When will you release the program for public testing?
And its sad that it wont be able to run on all android devices no matter what screen they have.

Still i see the possibilities on having this thing on the phone :)

Great job

26/02/2011 06:29

i dont know when i will release the alpha of the android version.

I am testing it like mad so i dont risk destroying any phones by accident since this is my first mobile application i want to make sure its as close to 100% free of critical errors

The android version will have some limitations tho

* forceEnglish is always enabled to ensure portability
* rootdir is always /sdcard
* since its running on android there is no integration support for truecrypt or dropbox (because there is no truecrypt for android and dropbox for android does not automaticly sync since you have to upload manualy first)

still i am going to use this on work first for a week to test it
then i might release it in an unstable alpha version

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