As you all Nvidia Optimus users know, the RuneScape Unix client does not support Nvidia Optimus (not even through optirun)!

I want to add support for it but i need a computer with Nvidia Optimus to test on (I can do this through TeamViewer) so that i can rapidly test and write code to try support it.

Credits will be given to the player(or non player)s that let me temporarily borrow the computer for testing remotely.

If you are reading this an will let me borrow your computer in order to add this support, please email me at mu.antilag(at) with the title
"Nvidia Optimus Support"

- HikariKnight

24/08/2012 10:23

Hello I'm currently using your runescape unix client. OpenGL support seems to work but it is very laggy. Almost unplayable really. I'm using Catalyst Driver 12.8 and it is a Radeon HD 5870 mobile version which is equivalent to the HD 57770 Desktop version. I was wondering if you had any insight or ideas to get the client to run smoother. Thanks

19/09/2012 11:22

sorry or late response :x i never got an automated email notice when you made this comment and i noticed it last night from my phone when i replied the person below.

Anyway im not experienced with amd/ati cards on rs and linux so i would suggest you post in the linux thread in tech support, i know there are amd users in there which might offer better support than me, I know that Peace Maker got an amd card so he might have some suggestions (not sure though)

link to the linux thread:,26,99,61985129

18/09/2012 14:24

I have updated your client to 3.9, but I keep getting a message that I cannot see and then when I press ok, the application runs, then it gives me an error that I cannot see, either. Any ideas?

18/09/2012 15:15

Update the jar file from jagex(option 1 and/or 2 in the updater let's you do this)
They recently updated their certificate and posted info about that on the rs homepage.

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