Today version 3.9.2 of the RuneScape Unix Client is finally uploaded to all repositories.

Version 3.9.2 is a major overhaul of the sourcecode so that it is more friendly to read through as all functions are split into perl modules now.

This allows you to easily write your own code for the client without potentially destroying the client ;)
plus you will be able to add functionality that currently does not exist in the public release.

This version also introduces a git repository for those interested in the sourcecode and the development of the client.
You can find the project on github: https://github.com/HikariKnight/rsu-client

This is the changelog for version 3.9.2

  * Splitted the source into modules
  * Made it possible to write custom modules
  * Store information that are used by modules inside the
    $rsu_data mutator for easy transfer of info to modules
  * Git repository made on github.com!
  * Fixed a bug where the launch command lacked some
    output for the debug messages after the source was


03/11/2012 22:53

Great :D I tryed for days to get rs to work, I had it working a while ago... on Ubuntu Natty Narwal, but I was having problems this time around.

Is so, is there a possibility of this client being turned into something more like SwiftKit for Windows and Mac?

because I really love that program and if it had a few small things changed to make it better id love it even more.

Id be interested in coding some if i knew where to start o.O

Long Time RS player Zad.

04/11/2012 01:44

Sadly i dont think that is possible due to the limitations of the official client (the core of the client which is the jagexappletviewer.jar is closed source and only jagex have that sourcecode)

however if you do want to contribute something you can find the raw source at https://github.com/HikariKnight/rsu-client/tree/development


04/11/2012 07:45

Awe, I would like to code something like a flavor of SwiftKit but Iv never coded anything, im sure i could do it, but meh, i dont know where to start its all so confusing >.<

also, would it be possible to install SwiftKit directly into this client? instead of the RS Client?


04/11/2012 12:52

im not much into making application frontends to websites (kind of what swiftkit is)
however you could maybe take a look at gambas which is like visualbasic for linux, but i am not sure it got the components you need though, plus applications require the gambas runtime to run.
But since you never coded anything i would suggest you try out gambas to begin with and then move to more advanced languages :)
PS: i do not use gambas myself but my ex-boss does

and for the last question... no it is not possible as swiftkit is:
1. closed source (doesnt help that the jagexappletviewer.jar is closed source too, and youre not allowed to modify it)
2. swiftkit is a program with a webframe, meaning it is essentially a web browser :P

07/11/2012 01:50

I love the client and finally got it up and running on my gentoo build, but I seem to be having issues when I get to the screen where it asks to auto-detect best graphical settings... when I press the button the client shuts down, and I can't bypass it by clicking on the "spanner" icon beside the volume icon on the upper right hand corner. Am I missing something? I followed the directions and it works perfectly up to that point..

07/11/2012 03:05

i think you can just close the client and reload it without clicking auto setup and it will give you the option to "leave alone"

or you can hold down S while it is loading.
it might be that you got a graphic card(might be intel) that is incompatible with the opengl mode in rs, or that you lack graphic drivers with proper opengl support.
in that case the software mode it the best mode you would be able to use...

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