Hello im back!
My shoulder was busted during the move to my new house but now im fine and i just finished updating the client with more crossplatform functionality!

The "install-desktop-icons" script now have MacOSX support and generates an OSX app bundle and places it in /Applications/RuneScape_Unix/

I have also made a downloader that will download the files needed for windows to be able to run the client too.
As a result the runescape-x bundle have been removed so please use WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the tar.gz file

#### Version 2.3 ####
* Added native launcher for windows (AutoIT source in templates/MSWin32/ )
* Added native launcher for MacOSX (template located in templates/darwin/ )
* Added grep for windows to remove the spammy output when running in debug mode on windows
* The "install-desktop-icons" script now have MacOSX support!
* Created a downloader for the client which will download the files needed to run the client on windows.  (AutoIT source is located in templates/MSWin32/ )

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