First of all i am sorry that this is 2 days late but i have been busy preparing for a funeral, i just got home from the funeral about 1 hour ago.

This update integrates Marshian's solution for the odd texture bottleneck we
Unix users have had with Runescape.
The client will now apply the -client parameter to java IF the java binary reports that it can be used. This means that the client will detect if it is supported, so if oracle or openjdk-team decides to add client mode to the 64bit java, we will be prepared in advance! :D

If you want to know more in detail about the solution please head over to Marshian's post on the forums here.

Here is the changelog:
runescape (3.4-0)

  * Made the runescape script optimize java by running java in client
    mode rather than server mode if it is available (so far only
    available on 32-bit version of java), this fixes the lag you get
    when you have textures enabled in-game. Big thanks to Marshian for
    discovering this.
  * Made the client look if aoss32 exist if forcealsa=true and the
    -client parameter is available on the java binary.

 -- HikariKnight  Sun, 17 Jun 2012 00:52:38 +0200

Ben Loveless
21/06/2012 18:01

Question, do you plan on auto removing the bottom bar with the copyright info, like the official client does? I don't understand why yours doesn't..?

21/06/2012 22:01

That is something the official client do not support on anything else than windows. Most likely because ads do not work in it neither.
You can see that i am right by trying to launch the client in windows and you will see it will hide the top and bottom bar when you login.

But i suspect that once support for it is made for mac it will work in linux too.

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