Hey all, there have been quite some rapid updates lately because i added a graphical settings editor called rsu-settings.
What this does is that it makes editing the settings.conf and the .prm file easier.
As a bonus when run on Mac or Windows it will also offer the ability to edit the OFFICIAL clients settings file (windows: runescape.prm, Mac: Info.plist).

Everyone package maintainer have updated their repositories to contain version 3.7.1 (however Ker Laeda's repository says version 3.5 instead of 3.7.1 but trust me it is still installing 3.7.1 :D )

My PPA repository have a bug however, once installed the rsu-settings script lacks the executable parameter. This is fixed by opening terminal and type in:

sudo chmod +x /opt/runescape/rsu-settings

This is only an issue with the client installed from my PPA repository! Those installing from the tar.gz file will have no issues!

Version 3.7.1 will also be the last version to ever be released on ubuntu10.10 in terms of script updates.
I will however push out one last update to add the execution bit to the rsu-settings script and the name of the menu entry!
I will continue to support other versions as long launchpad lets me copy packages to those repositories :)

For the full changelog please look at

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