Since porting takes time, i decided to give a little sneakpeak on how far the porting have come.

I will tell right away that there is an issue with wxcocoa/wxwidgets2.9 and the calendar in the logviewer on mac, so by default the application will use wxWidgets2.8.12 on mac which uses the Carbon GUI until wxcocoa works with the calendar widget.
You can however force the logbook to use the wxcocoa by editing the logbook-mac, logviewer-mac and settings-mac files and comment out

my $wxversion = "mac_2_8_12";
and then uncomment
my $wxversion = "osx_cocoa_2_9_3";

Enjoy the sneakpeek screenshots below!

NOTE: the carbon gui and cocoa gui requires their own separate modules, you can have both installed at once though! But giving you all a heads up because the carbon and cocoa modules are 50mb - 100mb (depending if i decide to strip the modules for uneccesary files or not which can be tedious)

PS: Due to the requirement of perl mslb will be changed from "small" to "fast". QT is nice and all and i would really prefer to use that but its perl support is lacking (perlQT4 is not documented very well) and C++ is just a pain


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