I am working on MSLB version 2.4 and it will have 1 new function and 1 improved function.
It will also have the android project merged in the source.

The new function is a "popup" calendar in the search tab
You open this calendar by clicking the down arrow at the date edit

The improved function is refresh presets, the button is removed and presets are refreshed once you click save in the editor :)

The desktop interface is now also smaller as default for use on 640x480 resolution screens.

For the developers i have finaly created a source structure for the sourcecode
src/ contains the cpp files
include/ contains the headers
interface/ contains the ui sources
debian/ contains the source for the .deb package generation
android/ contains android spesific build files
resources/ contains the resource files like icons

Version 2.4 is planned to launch at the end of this week


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