Version 0.2 is out and i fixed a small bug in uname.exe to get rid of an unwanted newline.
I also finished making xopen.exe to bind open/xdg-open to wine so you can open files, directories, urls and protocols in their default applications.
I had nothing better to do today so i created some bindings between
unix and wine. These bindings makes it possible for programs to detect if they are running in a wine environment or on a normal windows.

The windows program executes uname.exe and read the result from STDOUT.
Possible results are: WIN32_NT, Linux, Darwin, FreeBSD, SunOS

NOTE: WIN32_NT is windowsXP and newer, Darwin is MacOSX and DarwinOS

With xcall.exe you can start unix programs from the terminal using xterm.
Example: xcall.exe "nano $HOME/test.txt"