Hi all, I know that I have not been active with this project.
Mostly because c++ itself is a very time consuming language.

This will now change, i am porting it to perl using WxWidgets instead of QT.
This will give me an easier code to work with and a lot of functionality with perls modules!

However the change does have some drawbacks!
  • BSD and Solaris will not be officially supported anymore (but i will keep wine support so it can be used there)
  • Android version will not be developed mainstream (because it is still c++ until wxAndroid is complete and HOPEFULLY works with perl)
  • Support for richtext might never come (if it did come it would probbably break the search function)
  • Styles will not work anymore
  • Settings.conf is replaced with settings.pm (and thanks to perls module system the settings will define themself inside the file)

The image above is a preview of the current build of the logbook that we use at work right now.


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