Since mac have gotten their own official runescape client while linux and other unix users still need to download the windows client and extract it and use a command in the shell to launch it using java, i figured out. HECK why dont i just make a client that works on all unix platforms that support java.

Big thanks to Ethoxyethaan on the official runescape forums for the first script shell script that my perl script is based on :)

The result is the Runescape client for Linux and Unix.
Supported operating systems:
NOTE: the client can be run without installation on all of the systems listed(and not listed that falls under the unix group)
  • Linux (installation can integrate a menu entry under games in desktop environments like gnome2, gnomeshell, unity, lxde, xfce, kde3 and kde4)
  • Sun/Oracle Solaris (installation supported with menu entry on the Java Desktop Environment only)
  • OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana (see linux)
  • FreeBSD (see linux)
  • MacOSX (installation supported without menu entry)

head over to the Runescape Client for Linux and Unix section for more info

02/11/2011 09:57

Nicely done.

Just saw reference to this on the RSOF Linux thread and figured I would check it out.

Several questions, however, seeing as I have never used Pearl...
How would I go about changing the local install directory? I already have a folder where I keep my launchers/wrappers and the like for various games.

What is the benefit of this over the normal shell-script method?

The script I currently use, for reference, is here:

Most of the extra parts are just for logging and what not.

02/11/2011 11:22

My installer follows the location standards from

however i already made the script to be portable so you can literally just copy/move the "files" folder anywhere you like and just run the file named "runescape"

if you want it installed as in integrated with menus then just replace all instances of ".local" with the location you want it installed inside your home folder like ".mywrappers/runescapestuff"

if you want it on a separate drive then replace "$homedir/.local" with the path to the location you want it installed
but be aware that it will "format" the installation directory like .local(with a bin folder, opt folder and share folder) so you need to move the "$installdir/share/Applications/runescape.desktop" to its .local equalent when done
NOTE: i will update the with a custom local installation path option once i get time(hopefully next week or by this weekend)

also benefits of this over the normal shellscript...
* uses the most optimal java type available to play with (openjdk over sun/oracle java) no matter which one is default, however if it dont find openjdk it will use the default
* xplatform aware so it will run the same on any unix platform(even mac) as long java1.6.0_20 or above is installed
* reads the java arguments from the file that came with the windows client so you can add own arguments easily(if needed) by editing the .prm file in the share folder
* portable so it can be run from an usb
* language settings works out of the box like you would expect on the mac and windows client
* gnome2, gnome-shell, unity, KDE4(maybe kde3 too), lxde, xfce and all desktop environments following standards will get a menu integration for runescape if installed using

summary: crossplatform aware, uses the best suited java installed to run the client, portable and dont need to have a terminal window up(mine crashed or wouldnt run without having something to send output to), however on mac youre forced to have a terminal up when its run due to how mac runs scripts

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